Carpet Tiles


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Size : 500 x 500mm (20in x 20in)
Area : 2.7 SFT. (Covered by Single Unit)
Backing : Bitumin Back
Origin : China.

Traditionally, the thing to aspire to in a home was wall-to-wall carpet. And while wall-to-wall is certainly comfortable and carries with it a number of benefits, as trends have changed modern design has rediscovered its affinity for the hardwood or, in some cases, even concrete floors that our all-over carpeting has been hiding. So now, in lieu of wall-to-wall carpets that can easily get dirty and be difficult to clean, a lot of homeowners and decorators are turning to carpet tiles.
Leo’s Carpet tiles are square and rectangle pieces of carpet (around 20"x20" square and 10"x40" rectangle shaped) that can be stuck down to the floor easily and without professional installation. They offer the same soft look and feel of broadloom but they’re far more versatile. Leo’s Carpet tiles come in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials and can be installed in any way you desire. It’s easy to create unique patterns and designs with very little effort.

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