Design Safe / Locker

Consistent Innovation and Renovation in Safe Manufacturing
Eagle Safe has consistently invested in improving its production facilities. The company automated its business plants to quicken business process, the benefits of which have been felt by customers worldwide. Eagle Safe introduce a CO2 laser cutting machine, roll forming machine etc. to enable mass production, and has maintained its efforts to raise productivity. These Initiative have made it possible for the company to offer the highest quality safe products at reasonable prices to more partners around the world.

Put the customer first, make premium quality safes, and achieve a win-win business
Armed with confidence garnered from our past successes and accumulated know-how, Eagle Safe members continually introduce higher standards of quality into the market with new-concept safes that offer ease-of-use and convenience in everyday life.
With our win-win partnership philosophy enabling us to see from the customer's point of view, we have built a solid foundation from which to create products that will continue to satisfy the needs of our customers well into the future. Indeed, Eagle Safe is an open-minded company that not only welcomes the suggestions of our business partners and customers, but uses these ideas to make our company stronger.
At Eagle Safe, we beilive that efforts such as these will contribute to the realization of a "Comfortable and Secure Life" for all the ultimate goal of the company.

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